Pre-Order 'There and Back Again' on PledgeMusic

“One debut album to find them. One debut album to bring them all and in the darkness bind them.....” We’re teaming up with PledgeMusic to bring fans first access to our new music, in addition to limited edition LAW offerings straight to pledgers.

Pre-order “There and Back Again” on CD, limited edition vinyl, or choose from exclusive experiences and merchandise bundles. “There and Back Again” is LAW’s debut studio LP. The 13 song album was recorded in Joshua Tree, CA at the renown Rancho de la Luna, where artists such as Iggy Pop, Josh Homme/Queens of the Stone Age, PJ Harvey and Dave Grohl have all recorded. The album was produced with recording guru Dave Catching, who is also the guitarist of Eagles of Death Metal/earthlings?/Mojave Lords. It is objectively the best rock album ever recorded at Rancho de la Luna, not counting every other rock album recorded at Rancho de la Luna. All pre-orders will receive a full album download on the release date and physical orders will ship on or around the release date. Vinyl will ship later in 2019. Law and Pledge have some surprises in store -- so stay tuned! For now check out our Pledge page:

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